HCVP Tenants

HCVP Move Process:

  • Must submit notice to current landlord and HRHA in accordance with current lease agreement.
  • Must have current landlord complete verification form confirming receipt of notice and that tenant is currently in good standing (for example tenant does not owe landlord any money for past due rent and/or tenant caused damages).  If you are not in good standings with your current landlord, your request to move to another unit will be denied.
  • Once we have received both documents you will be scheduled an appointment to determine your continued eligibility.  If determined eligible to continue in the HCVP you will be issued a voucher.
  • Once Housing is located participants will need to submit a Request for Tenancy Approval (RFTA) and all landlord required documentation.
  • Once all documents are received a unit affordability will be completed to ensure that the participant is not paying more than 40% of their income for rent & utilities.
  • HRHA will determine if the rent requested by the landlord is comparable to other units in the private sector.
  • Once the unit passes the affordability and rent comparable process an inspection will be scheduled.
  • Once the unit passes inspection, the participant or the landlord must submit a signed lease.
  • HRHA will enter into a Housing Assistance Payment Contract with the landlord.

For more information or questions regarding the HRHA Housing Choice Voucher Program, please contact us:

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Laticia Collins or DeAndre’ Taylor

 Phone: (804) 458-5160

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