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HOPEWELL, VA – The Hopewell Redevelopment and Housing Authority (HRHA) became the first Housing Authority in Virginia to break ground on a Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) project on Friday, July 25.  HRHA and its development partners celebrated the official groundbreaking for Langston Park Apartments as the first step toward revitalizing the neighborhood.  

Built in 1962 as a public housing development, the Langston Park Apartment complex consists of 30 units in sixteen two-story buildings.  Once construction is completed, Langston Park will have 56 units in eight two-story buildings. 

Steven Benham, Executive Director, HRHA, said “Langston Park will be the newest and best designed in Hopewell.”

The new Langston Park will be “a community with energy efficient homes, lots of green space, a new community center and playground allowing neighbors to enjoy their community,” added Carrie S. Schmidt, U.S. Department and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Richmond Field Office Director.

Schmidt noted that, RAD is a key component of HUD’s affordable rental housing preservation strategy.  It helps communities attract investments that will enable them to convert housing developments, such as Langston Park, into project-based rental assistance developments with more income levels and amenities than before.

The RAD award has helped Hopewell to attract new investment into the City.  Investors and partners in the Langston Park project include the Low-Income Housing tax Credit program, HOME Investment Partnership (HOME) funds, Virginia Housing Trust funds, private bank financing, and a strong development partner, Community Housing Partners.

Linwood Crenshaw, Chairman of the Board of Directors for HRHA, noted that there were obstacles that stood before HRHA, and with “community support, funds, space, and outstanding partners, HRHA is determined to stay focused and to get this done.”

“It’s a wonderful day for Hopewell, we’re excited.  We in Hopewell are on the move, and we see progress,” Crenshaw said .

HRHA Vision 2030 Adopted by HRHA Board of Commissioner June 8, 2013

The following statement represents the Vision for the Hopewell Redevelopment Authority as it will be in the Year 2030, in concert with the 2030 Vision statement of the City of Hopewell, Virginia:

In 2030 the Hopewell Redevelopment and Housing Authority will be the primary agency responsible for Affordable Housing in the Tri-Cities area.

In becoming the Tri-Cities primary agency for housing development the Authority will successfully redevelop all former public housing in Hopewell into modern, attractive affordable housing.

The City of Hopewell will use the Housing Authority (or a new name which reflects our new role; i.e., Housing Development Authority, Redevelopment Authority, Development Authority, etc.) to demolish and replace the dilapidated and obsolete housing found through Hopewell in the 2015 to 2020 timeframe.

After gaining sufficient footing in the redevelopment of Hopewell Housing, the HRHA will seek opportunities outside of Hopewell and into the tri-cities. 

HRHA will offer its services to municipalities in addition to City of Hopewell.  Services offered will be expected to include the following:

  • Organizational Development, especially for small to medium sized PHAs
  • Executive Team leadership and developmentExecutive Management processes and tools
  • Executive philosophy of management
  • Vision development and implementation
  • Program Management for the Affordable Housing sector
  • Property Management
  • Housing Choice Programs
  • Resident Services
  • Customer Service Creed

HRHA aims to provide exceptional customer service both internally and externally. Our customer base includes employees, residents, applicants, stakeholders, and partners. Through responsible leadership, teamwork and collaboration we are a catalyst for positive change in the community.

We provide housing service for the continuum of housing needs.




Our thoughts and prayers are with the
children hurt in the tragedy at Thomas
Rolfe Apartments. According to the
information available at this time, a 3-
year old was shot by his twin brother in
an accidental shooting.  The parents
have not been apprehended.

We are fully cooperating with the
Hopewell Police Department and other
authority to ensure the persons
responsible are apprehended. 
We pledge to keep combatting crime in
our communities.   
– Madelyn Madison Hyde, Public Housing Director, HRHA


Hopewell RHA new board of commissioners member -
Rogers L. Henry
- Rogers Henry is a
native and long term resident of the City
of Hopewell, Virginia.  He is the eldest of
seven siblings and the apple of his
deceased father, Rogers Henry and
deceased mother, Georgia Henry, eye.
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HRHA is currently BILLING all HCVP portables. At this time, HRHA is NOT accepting new applications for the Housing Choice Voucher Program.

Public Housing
We are accepting applications in our
Administration Office for the Public
Housing waiting list for the Efficiency, 3,
4, and 5 bedroom apartments. Monday
thru Friday 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM.

Rental payments are due on the 1st day
of each month and must be paid at
SunTrust Bank by 5:00 pm.
Any payment received after 5:00 pm
is considered next day and a late fee
will be assessed.

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